As mentioned the foundation was in 1994 and the development of the business was great. Turnover figures of the last 6 years are showing this interesting increase in turnover accompanied by a reasonable profit of close to 10% of the turnover volume. The development of the turnover in the last years is shown in the above graph.

Glötzl France Géotechnique is at first representing the whole program of Glötzl GmbH in Rheinstetten, Germany, in the area of the Republic in France and in French speaking countries like Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. Senegal, Mali and the Côte d’Ivoire as well as the Caribbean Islands are also included in our areas of activity.

Since 2000 I decided to invest more time and activity in R&D activities. Here I would like to propose to visit the website where all my activities are explained which we recently made. My main activities are in the field of Fibre Optic Sensing FOS and in distributed sensor techniques like Brillouin backscattering technique as also Rhaman backscattering using OTDR and OFDR techniques.

The wide range of publications can be seen in ‘Literature’ as also national and international congresses visited and attended. In 2009 we attended also the International Conference of Solscope in Poitiers and before Joachim Schneider-Glötzl, Managing Director of Glötzl GmbH, Rheinstetten, attended the International Conference in Monaco.

The acceptance of these new techniques in Monaco and also in Poitiers confirmed our activities and supported our strategy.